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  • 7 Landmark Tech Deal Toys

    An LBO. A British cop. A flying taxi. Two Facebook rejects. See these stories, and more, as we unfurl our gallery of landmark tech deal toys. Michael Dell managed to upstage the $25 billion LBO in which he took his company private in 2013 with this 2015 deal. It remains the largest tech acquisition in […]

  • European Deal Toys: Ice Cream, Excel, & The Eiffel Tower

    This week’s blog post—our 100th—highlights deals and deal toys from France, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain. Take a quick look. Sweden’s Candyking specializes in “pick ‘n’ mix” confectionery. Swedes consume about 16 kilos of candy per person annually. (The world’s highest per capita consumer? Germany.)Valencia-based GH Electrotermia produces induction heating equipment.The Linth-Limmern hydroelectric system is […]

  • European Deal Toys: Ghosts, Princesses, & Chelsea Football

    Our latest gallery of European deal toys features ghosts, princesses, and Bulgarian water. Take a quick tour, and as always, if you have a tombstone project pending or in the works, be sure to contact those responsible for these designs: our London office. DFS (Duty Free Stores) was co-founded by Robert Miller—recently recognized as the […]

  • European Deal Toys: Stephen Hawking, Himalayan Bridges, and Hg

    He’s been assaulted with a bazooka, drilled with a football, and unceremoniously sucked into a black hole–and he’s now the centerpiece of one of the deal toys featured here. Take a moment to catch up on some recent European deals and deal toys you may have missed— outside your group, office, bank, or country. The […]

  • European Deal Toys: Scottish Unicorns, Oliver Stone & Others You Missed

    Complete this sequence: Supply chain robots… Online travel… Scottish unicorns… DraftKings… and Yes, that’s right, what else: “Oliver Stone”. With that context, you’re now ready to take a quick look at our latest gallery of European deal toys. As always, the next time you’re in need of deal toys or custom awards, please remember to […]

  • European Deal Toys: VR, Giant Trucks & More!

    It’s Hellblade and Everest VR, combined with giant trucks, crossed with Danish street lamps, and laughing cows. Some new, misconceived game? No, it’s actually our latest collection of European deal toys. Take a moment to check it out–and, as always, remember to contact our London office for your next project. The Belaz 75710, believed to […]

  • European Deal Toys: Rugby, Ice Cream, Auto Parts & More!

    Rugby…artisanal ice cream…cybersecurity…spare automobile parts. Georgia (no, not the one in the U.S). Alabama (yes, the one in the U.S.). They’re all part of our latest gallery of European deal toys. Take a quick look. Tbilisi-based TBC Bank is a sponsor of Georgia’s national rugby team. The team begins play in the Rugby Europe International […]

  • Hospital-Themed Lucite Tombstone

    European Deal Toys: PE Holdings, Handmade Licorice & More!

    It’s been praised by the Wall Street Journal for its “pure, not-too-sweet flavor and gratifying chew”. It comes in flavors ranging from Salty Chili Cranberry to Blackcurrant Chocolate to Raspberry Chocolate Coated Chili. And it’s the subject of just one of the deals covered in our latest gallery of European deal toys—which features transactions from Poland, […]

  • Landmark IPO Deal Toys: Part 3 of 3

    Any retrospective of landmark IPO deal toys runs the risk of appearing, well, ill-timed—maybe even tone-deaf. But if you checked out the earlier posts in this series, you know that many of these pieces make for interesting cultural artifacts in their own right. And some are simply fun to look at. That being said, IPO’s […]

  • European Deal Toys: Gareth Bale, Private Equity & More!

    The fabled Red Dragon: Y Ddraig Goch. Nothing like it to make a Welshman’s heart swell. And speaking of swelling, what’s the story with Gareth Bale’s ankle? Not to appear crass, but will he be ready for Wales’s World Cup qualifier against Ireland in March, or not?…And when will he be back with La Liga? […]

  • More Landmark IPO Deal Toys: Featuring Steven Seagal!

    Mao Zedong. Vladimir Putin. Steven Seagal. What do they have in common? Undoubtedly very little—other than maybe appearing in the gallery below. Be sure to check out as well our earlier collection of landmark IPO deal toys (as well as the third —and final—installment). And just to avoid any misleading or deceptive claims, we should probably […]

  • Lucite Beer-Bottle Tombstone

    European Deal Toys: Hidden Hotel Bars, Ice Cream Powder, & More!

    Looking for the hotel bar? The door’s over there—through the bathroom. Need 18 million tangerines— by the first week of December? No problem. Your yacht’s off-course? Relax. You’re covered. Need deal toys? Contact our London office. For more information on these and other questions—-and a gallery of some recent European tombstones—please see below. Tangerines have […]

  • KKR IPO Deal Toy

    Landmark IPO Deal Toys: KKR, Apple, Shrek & More! (Part 1)

    Twitter, Google, KKR, Facebook, Palm, Apple, DreamWorks…. They’re only some of the high-profile IPO’s we’ve commemorated over the years. And though we’ve pulled together galleries of landmark tombstones, and highlighted European IPO’s, we’ve never done a truly comprehensive retrospective of IPO deal toys—from the most recent to those dating back to our inception. So why […]

  • European Deal Toys: Funds, Formula One, & French Wind Farms!

    Sorry: maybe this whole alliteration thing has gone too far. Even so, we could have titled this post “Gases, Goldman, and Grand Prix”. or “Mercedes, Messaging, and Middle-Market”. But we didn’t—-thankfully. In any case, don’t let that title stop you from checking our most recent selection below of European deals and deal toys—and, more importantly, […]

  • UFC Punching Bag Boxing-Themed Deal Toy

    Great Sports-Themed Deal Toys: From Fenway to UFC to Curling

      So what’s with the title of this post? Why would we possibly use a feeble-sounding, mealy-mouthed term like “sports-themed” to describe this gallery? The answer is pretty simple: we’ve found over the years that some of the most effective designs in this category commemorate deals that, it turns out, had absolutely no connection with […]

  • Television-themed deal toy

    European Deal Toys: Google, Swedish Wind Farms, TV & More!

    Google and a wind farm? The Carlyle Group and Swedish TV? McKinsey and a Spanish OTA? You can find out how all these are connected—and more—in our newest gallery of European deal toys below. And for answers about deal toys or custom awards, be sure to contact the creators of these designs: our London office. […]

  • European Deal Toys: Pimco, Poultry, & Pub Food!

    The company that provides gearboxes for Lamborghini and Ferrari… The European firm that owns U.S. investment giant Pimco… The food services company recently acquired for £2.2 billion— one originally begun as a poultry business by three brothers. See more in our newest gallery of European deal toys! Sales of organic products in Sweden—-Midsona’s largest market—-increased almost […]

  • European Deal Toys: Mercedes, GoPro Cycling Footage & Artesian Water!

    A cycling legend hurtles down a treacherous Welsh mountainside—-dodging cars as he reaches speeds of 80km/h. So what? What possible connection could that have to… toys? See below and find out for yourself. Recently honored as the best artesian brand, Norway’s Voss is made from glacier water and sold in over 50 countries. Fiji Water […]