The Real Deal Toy

  • European Deal Toys: Hedge Funds, Harrods, Candy & More!

    This installment of European deal toy highlights covers a good deal of ground: from Belfast to St. Petersburg to Harrods and… the White House. Along the way we’ll stop to consider Danish minimalism, Swedish e-commerce, Italian candy, Irish telecoms, and a couple of hedge funds. Take a moment to check out the designs below—-and also […]

  • Light Rail Project Tombstone

    Australia and New Zealand Deal Toys: Trolls, Sneaker Frenzies & More!

    Wait a minute. Hong Kong gamers? German sneakers? Brazilian gold mines? Hollywood movies? What’s all this got to do with Australia and New Zealand? See for yourself. Take a quick check of our gallery of recent Australia/New Zealand deal toy highlights. Metals X’s production and exploration activities are focused not only on gold but also […]

  • Container Crane-Themed Tombstone

    European Deal Toy Highlights: Private Jets, Robots, & Giant Cranes

    There is a unifying thread in this gallery highlighting recent European deal toys. What that unifying thread might be exactly isn’t readily apparent—beyond maybe the fact that we may simply have liked the deal toys shown here, and also found the underlying deals, and their companies, to be interesting. That and the fact that they […]

  • European Deal Toys: Goldman, Italian Pet Supplies, Belgian Beer

    Italian pet supplies… Belgian beer… A Baltic Sea wind farm… A Goldman Sachs purchase… A Finnish LNG supplier… These are just some of the subject areas covered in our latest gallery of European deal toys beginning below. We also hope that you check out our previous galleries of European deal toys, which address an array […]

  • Asian Deal Toy Highlights: Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, & More

    From Tokyo office towers to subsea construction… The gallery below highlights an array of recent Asian deals—-including those in the transport, real estate, retail, energy, and cosmetics industries. Star Asia is a Tokyo-based REIT. Big C is Thailand’s second-largest hypermarket chain. The largest is the Thai unit of Tesco. The joint venture between Japanese engineering […]

  • European Deal Toys: Cars, Bikes, Private Equity & 290 hp!

    CR7 just bought a new car… Fresh off Portugal’s Euro 2016 victory, Cristiano Ronaldo—whose automobiles, wrecked or otherwise, have figured prominently in this blog—just purchased a $2.27 million Bugatti Veyron, aka “the fastest legal road car in the world”. But don’t be too jealous; he hasn’t been able to drive it yet…. He’s still on […]

  • Deal Toy Highlights: Cool Apps & Their Companies

    Yes, you’ve probably already heard of “that” app. Maybe it’s the one that purports to reveal a watermelon’s ripeness. (Melon Meter) Or lets you swallow a sword. (iSword) Or crowd-source real-time feedback and pointers during a date. (Crowdpilot) Or just altogether sap your motivation. (Demotivational Pics) But before doing anything to your motivation just yet, […]

  • European Deal Toys: Blackstone, Beaches, and Basketball

    The selection of deal toys included here, highlighting just some of the transactions we’ve helped commemorate recently in the UK and the Continent, is, well, eclectic. But that’s in keeping with the other European galleries we’ve recently put together. After all, our gallery of European IPO’s covered a good deal of ground: from bookmakers to […]

  • IB Deals On Tap: More Beer-Themed Deal Toys!

    Nothing to celebrate? There has to be something out there for us. After all, Cleveland just won a championship…finally. Euro 2016 has 8 countries still alive. Ramsey Bolton, on the other hand, is pretty much dead. And no one (so far at least) is clamoring to revive him. So anyway, now that you have a […]

  • Candy Bar-Themed Financial Tombstone

    European Deal Toys: Hungry? Swiss Chocolate, Polish Cookies & More!

    “9 Ways Candy is Good for You” Unlike most headlines this is one that isn’t likely to cause depression–which, coincidentally, is just one of the many conditions candy (in this case chocolate) has been proven to alleviate. None of which may interest you. So if you’d like, you can just skip the nutritional science and […]

  • European Deal Toy Highlights: See IPO’s New & Old

    IPO’s? Really? Actually, yes. The global downturn in offerings is hardly news; just as familiar are the factors—ranging from the Spanish elections to the EU referendum later this month—said to be inhibiting the European IPO market. But when you see recent signs of optimism on the European IPO front from the Financial Times, and especially, […]

  • Compass-Themed Deal Toy

    Rush Deal Toys: 5 Very Quick Survival Tips

    Ordering rush deal toys doesn’t have to be an ordeal—assuming you act fast and follow some time-tested guidelines. Maybe you just forgot… Or maybe someone simply forgot to tell you. Or maybe the closing event just got scheduled—so it’s really no one’s fault. But it’s still your problem….And however it happened you now have to get deal toys […]

  • Shoe-Themed Deal Tombstone

    European Deal Toy Highlights: Karlie Kloss, “Supercars” & More!

    Our last collection of European deal toys represented deals ranging from British beers to Danish football to German service stations to Italian tires and French retailers. This collection is just as diverse. The tombstones shown here cover hydraulics and cosmetics, mascara and insurance, construction and car care. We hope you enjoy the gallery below. And […]

  • Planet Hollywood-DLJ Lucite Tombstone

    Celebrity Deal Toys: More Enduring Than Even Fame & Fortune!

    The subject here is celebrity investors. And we will begin with the obligatory reference to… Ashton Kutcher. It was either him or Bono, and since Fortune just beat us to the punch with a cover profile of the philanthropist and Facebook beneficiary, we’ll stick with the guy who’s been credited as an early investor in […]

  • More Dinosaur Deal Toys–See Tombstones From The 1990’s!

    The 1990’s…Ah, that was a time. Marauding gangs of ice cream thieves… interminable waits for dial-up access…desktop monitors the size of wood-burning stoves. Actually, the ice cream thing took place in 2015, as you’ll see below, but otherwise that pretty much sums it up. And if you weren’t there to experience it first-hand, don’t despair: […]

  • European Deal Toys: Danish Football, Italian Tires & Much More!

    Seen any good deal toys lately? As we noted in our last round-up of European deal toys, most bankers see surprisingly few—and even fewer outside their firm, office, and even their group. We’ve put together here another gallery highlighting some of the many tombstones designed recently by our London office for banks and firms across […]

  • Beer Keg-Themed Deal Toy

    IB Deals On Tap: Great Beer Industry Deal Toys

    Zombie Dust…Kozy Yak…Surly Darkness…Viking’s Lament… These are just a few of the (characteristically) cryptic names of craft beers. But they could also conceivably be subjects of upcoming deals. 2015 saw 19 craft-beer deals announced in the U.S. alone, totaling $13 billion in value; and while high-profile deals have also recently involved global macro brewers such […]

  • Superhero/Villain Deal Toys: from Enchantress to Batman…to Batman’s Attorney

    Batman…Superman…Wonder Woman…Captain America…Iron Man. For moviegoers everywhere, 2016 holds the promise of many things, including Truth, Justice…and the continued overuse of the word “iconic”. Scheduled for release on March 25th, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” will feature, unsurprisingly, the iconic clash of the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel. Subsequent releases will focus […]