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  • bolt lucite embedment

    Zippers, Shrapnel, Manure…The Weird Things We’ve Had to Embed in Lucite—and the Weirder Science behind Them

    Zippers, shrapnel, moose manure, regurgitated coins, cookies, umbilical cords, teeth—these are just a few of the things that have found their way into our Lucite embedments over the years. “Commemorating Success Globally”. That’s our stated mission here at The Corporate Presence. And success, as we’ve all heard repeatedly, has many definitions, and can take many forms. Sometimes it […]

  • lucite tombstone rivals

    Your Bitterest Rival…Encased in a Lucite Tombstone

    Yale-Harvard, CAL-Stanford, Coke-Pepsi, Ford-GM, FEDEX-UPS—as the gallery below shows, our Lucite tombstones have long chronicled both sides in some of the fiercest rivalries. Our post on Sports Deal Toys, and the unfortunate demise of the Pete Carroll-Jim Harbaugh “What’s your deal?” rivalry, got us thinking… USC-Stanford wasn’t the only example of our having provided tombstones—directly or […]

  • Looking for Tech Deal Toy Ideas? Here’s a Great Place to Start

    Our site now has three separate places for you to find a wider array of tech deal toy ideas–and more quickly and easily. You’re no doubt aware of the converging trends currently heating up the tech sector—and therefore increasing the likelihood that you may be scouting around for tech-related deal toy ideas. Thomson Reuters reports that 2015 […]

  • Ben

    Deal Toys Deconstructed: See What a New Documentary Reveals

    A new documentary offers an outsider’s perspective on not only the nature of deal toys, but also their unique production process Ben Thorp Brown can hardly be accused of selecting well-worn, mainstream subjects. In a career that has already seen his works featured at MoMA, the Harvard Film Archive, and The Whitney Museum, the young […]

  • super bowl Pete Carroll

    “What’s Your Deal?!”: A Super Bowl Week Celebration of Sports Deal Toys

    Sports deal toys have long been used to commemorate transactions in creative and memorable ways. They also suggest the many reasons for choosing custom sports awards over the same clichéd trophies. “What’s Your Deal?!” This was the 2009 post-game challenge famously and indignantly put to then Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh by then University of Southern […]

  • Cross-Border Deal Toys: Going Beyond Familiar Territory

    Cross-border deal toys don’t have to be limited to the same, familiar design themes The global economy. You may have heard about it… And if you’re just coming off a deal involving multiple cultures, currencies, languages, time zones—not to mention tax and regulatory regimes—you may know it first-hand all too well. So congratulations, first of all, on pulling […]

  • Real Estate Deal Toys Sheraton CCRE

    Real Estate Deal Toys: Why They’re a Lot More Than “Closing Gifts”

    Savvy commercial real estate firms are recognizing what investment banks have long known: the branding and marketing potential of “deal toys” “Lining a windowsill in Anthony Orso’s office at Cantor Commercial Real Estate are dozens of statuettes—deal toys, he calls them—one for each of the $8 million to $580 million loans the commercial lender has done to […]

  • speaker gift idea

    This Has To Be the Absolute Worst Speaker Gift Idea

    One of the most frequently recommended speaker gift ideas is unfortunately also one of the most misguided. Please…Please don’t give speakers gift cards. You’re much better off giving speakers nothing and simply sending a sincere, well-crafted thank you note (which you should be doing in any case). But a gift card? Bad idea. Why? Nobody […]

  • employee recognition awards

    7 Employee Recognition Awards That Should Make You Cringe: A Halloween Chamber Of Horrors

    What could be more frightening than handing out the same tired, interchangeable, off-the-shelf, clichéd employee recognition awards? Maybe receiving one. Related Post: Why Choosing the Same Tired, Schlocky Employee Recognition Awards Hurts Your Business Looking for creative employee recognition awards? Good luck. Because let’s face it: trying to find passable, let alone creative employee recognition ideas […]

  • Deal Toy Ideas for Spin-Off “Mania”

    Spin-off transactions make for interesting deal toy possibilities—as well as some pitfalls. “Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Barnes & Noble—the rash of spinoff announcements this year has been dizzying”. The CNBC report quoted here goes on to note that 62 spinoff transactions are expected to be completed by the end of this year—-the most since 2000—and that the […]

  • Blackstone Hilton Deal Toy

    The Lucite That Marks The “Most Profitable Deal in History”

    Deal toy recognizes Blackstone’s foresight, tenacity—and ultimate success—in the purchase of Hilton Hotels Blackstone’s $26 billion buyout of Hilton Hotels in 2007, a deal just pronounced the most profitable in history by Bloomberg Businessweek, actually went south pretty early on. “As the financial crisis hit and the economy tanked”, the cover story notes, “it appeared […]

  • The Lucites in Your Order Will Vary

    “Help! The Lucites in My Order All Look Different”

    Lucites in your deal toy order will vary. That’s just the nature of the Lucite production process; but where and how your Lucites vary is the real issue. “I’m here in our conference room with my colleagues…” Unscheduled calls beginning with these words tend not to end well. But in my experience, the caller, usually […]

  • telefonica deutschland financial tombstone

    I Screwed Up Germany’s Largest IPO

    Mea culpa… Or, in this case, mea culpa, Terra Firma…. …and J.P. Morgan…and UBS…and most of all, to both Teléfonica Deutschland and Deutsche Annington. In a recent blog post, we—more specifically, I—mistakenly referred to the Deutsche Annington IPO as Germany’s largest in the past 5 years. The ultimate size of the offering by Terra Firma, […]

  • Twitter Adds Another Deal Toy to its Timeline

    Custom deal toy celebrates Twitter’s November, 2013 IPO Just seven years separate these two tweets. Since Jack Dorsey sent the inaugural tweet above on March 21, 2006, among other things, Twitter has, developed a global user base of over 230 million, achieved a market capitalization of approximately $35 billion, helped fuel political uprisings in several […]

  • Deutsche Annington Custom Deal Toy

    Featured Deal Toy: Germany’s Largest Residential Real Estate Company

    In her determination to accommodate her client’s design wishes, Jane Whitaker had hit a brick wall—literally. The banker had reached out to The Corporate Presence’s London office for a deal toy design for a landmark European real estate transaction. Terra Firma, a U.K.-based private equity firm, had in July, 2013 listed its portfolio company Deutsche […]

  • HK-Matahari Cube Custom Lucite

    Featured Deal Toy: Southeast Asia’s Landmark Retail Transaction

    Southeast Asia’s Landmark Retail Transaction The Hong Kong office of The Corporate Presence recently helped commemorate what has become widely viewed as a watershed transaction, for both Indonesia, as well as the entire Southeast Asia region. The offering by CVC Capital Partners of 1.17 billion existing shares in Indonesian retailer Matahari—with total proceeds equaling approximately US$1.36 billion—was noteworthy […]

  • Featured Deal Toy: The Facebook IPO

    The Facebook IPO For our inaugural installment of “Featured Deal Toy,” we have chosen a transaction that, among other things, did not actually occur this month. Or even last month, for that matter. In fact, it didn’t even take place this year. Even so, it would’ve been pretty hard for us to choose anything else. After […]

  • Deal Lucite with Embedded Padlock

    Don’t Even Think About Putting That in Lucite

    Don’t Even Think about Putting That in Lucite Not everything can be placed inside Lucite; and even some things that can, shouldn’t. By that I mean: placing certain items inside deal toys will not work simply as a result of the baking process involved in Lucite production. Some items and materials, on the other hand, […]