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    Since 1981, The Corporate Presence has helped recognize success in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, across the world.

  • The Advantages to You of Our 30 Years of Experience:

    • Unrivaled skill rendering replica buildings in various media
    • Full access to the design and production insight of our wholly-owned Lucite factory
    • Crucial insight into what designs and materials best suit your project and budget for your building replica

    The Advantages to You of Our Industry Leadership:

    • The most comprehensive in-person service in the industry, with fully-staffed offices globally.
    • “Real-time” customer service geared to your region.
    • Access to international resources for non-Lucite deal toy materials.
    • Superior “bench strength”: greater depth in sales, art and production personnel and service.
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Whether the occasion has been the IPO for Zillow, the completion of landmark construction projects internationally, or the public financing of a hospital complex, we have been the chosen designer and manufacturer of creative and customized commemoratives and building replicas.

We have expertise in a range of materials, including Lucite, crystal, and pewter. Whatever the media, our goal is to produce commemoratives geared toward your specific needs: your budget, your timetable, and the expectation of quality among your colleagues and, most significantly, your clients.