Car & Motorcycle Deal Toys: Check Out a Thrill-Packed Gallery

Bankers have long found ways to incorporate cars and motorcycles into their deal toys—and even if they have no ostensible connection to the underlying transaction itself.

Sometimes cars and bikes get worked into the deal toy design by virtue of a code name. Other times, they play off a theme (the speed of the deal, the locale of one of the parties etc.); and sometimes they simply represent nothing more than the shared passion of the deal participants.

All of which we can relate to: we like designing deal toys that incorporate cars and bikes. So much so that we figure we’d not only feature them in a post but make them the centerpiece of an entirely new section of our site.

As a preview, we’ve included some of these designs here….

  • Now operating as AudaExplore, the company provides insurance-related automotive analytics.

  • Simpson’s product line ranges from helmets to drag parachutes to child car seats.

  • Investindustrial’s portfolio includes not only Ducati but also Aston Martin.

  • Co-operative Fuel Research (CFR) technology has applications for fuel ratings, and also emissions and alternative fuel research.

  • Bikes figure prominently in Preferred’s corporate culture.

  • DriverSide’s website focuses on educating consumers on auto care and maintenance.

  • Trico has a long history in wiper systems and components: it provided wiper blades for the Model T Ford.

  • Futuris specializes in the design and manufacture of automotive interiors, including seating.

  • The advisor—the now-defunct BancBoston Robertson Stephens—is a tip-off to the age of this deal toy.

  • The Austin Powers Jaguar xk8 tied in perfectly with this GBP issue.

  • Delphi has been one of the key players in driverless car technology.

  • Here again, some of the names in the deal terms suggest the transaction date: 1999

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