Deal Tombstones

  • Denver Broncos Field Opening Memento

    Bagel Wars, Broncos, & Ex-M&A Bankers: What’s Become of These Deals 15 Years Later?

    That place where the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos play—what’s it called again? Good question. For years the Denver Post refused to call it anything other than Mile High, even after that venue had been demolished and replaced, in 2001, by Invesco Field. Some local fans and holdouts, claiming a proprietary right based on the […]

  • Dinosaur Deal Toys: See Tombstones from The 1990’s!

    If you’re a first-year analyst and missed out on the HFS deal, you have a fairly good excuse. Most likely you had not yet been born. And Petco, Pabst, Party City and some of the other deals included here? You were probably, technically, around for these;  but as with the ground we covered in the […]

  • European Deal Toys: See Some Recent Highlights

    Bankers are always curious to see tombstones designed for competing banks—and even more so if they had some familiarity with the underlying deal itself. The sad fact is that many bankers rarely get to see deal toys from outside their group, let alone outside their country, region, or, especially, continent. We’re therefore putting together a […]

  • The Tombstone Tomb: Tech Edition

    Our two previous posts in this series (The Tombstone Tomb and More Tales from The Crypt) generated so much interest that we wanted to provide another installment. But not without addressing again a very basic concern: namely, that we might come off as snarky or mean-spirited jerks. Over the years we’ve received many requests for […]

  • Harvard, Yoga, “George of The Jungle”: What’s Become of These 2005 Deals 10 Years Later?

    Deal tombstones are necessarily time-bound; they commemorate the closing of a given deal, and celebrate, as well, all the time and effort that went into achieving that closing. But what about the rest of the story? What happens in the weeks, months, and years following the closing? We’ve filled in below the subsequent chapters for […]

  • Samurai Sword Dealtoy

    All Kinds of Money: Great Currency-Themed Deal Toys

    Currency-themed deal toys can play off a variety of creative options, including symbols, nicknames, maps, and flags. Samurai. Yankee. Bulldog. Rembrandt. Dim Sum. Kimchi… Over the years we’ve designed deal toys reflecting the full spectrum of exotically-named international bonds. These currency-themed tombstones have involved issues (as well as swaps) denominated in another litany of names, […]

  • A Gallery of Our Favorite Gambling & Casino Deal Toys

    The 2015 edition of the World Series of Poker—just getting underway at the Rio in Las Vegas—will feature a number of changes. Open-Face Chinese Poker, for instance, has sadly been eliminated from the competition. One constant at this year’s tournament, on the other hand, will be the participation of both past and present financial notables. […]

  • cross-border tombstones maroc telecom

    Cross-Border Deal Tombstones: Browse Our Latest Worldwide Gallery

    The continuing surge in cross-border deals has, inevitably, led to more cross-border deal tombstones—including some new and imaginative takes on the theme. In the four months since our previous post on cross-border deal tombstones, the trend we noted then has actually steepened. Due in large part to activity in the energy and pharmaceutical sectors, cross-border M&A is […]