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  • Google IPO Deal Toy

    The Google IPO Deal Toy: Revisiting the 10-Year Anniversary, 5 Years Later

    Company’s signature lava lamps provide inspiration for landmark tombstone In honor of the 15th anniversary of Google’s IPO–which falls next Monday, August 19th—we are re-posting this tribute to the 10th anniversary of the offering, and of the deal toy commemorating it. August hasn’t traditionally been the most laid-back month for Google. Last week it announced the […]

  • Car & Motorcycle Deal Toys: Check Out a Thrill-Packed Gallery

    Bankers have long found ways to incorporate cars and motorcycles into their deal toys—and even if they have no ostensible connection to the underlying transaction itself. Sometimes cars and bikes get worked into the deal toy design by virtue of a code name. Other times, they play off a theme (the speed of the deal, the locale of […]

  • The Facebook IPO Deal Toy Marks an Anniversary

    Facebook’s landmark IPO also generated an iconic deal toy. The Facebook IPO deal toy—along with those we designed to recognize the IPO’s for Google and Twitter—is arguably the deal toy we’re most often asked about. At meetings and presentations, it’s also one of the pieces clients most often request to see. With next Monday marking the […]

  • “I’m a Celebrity…Where’s My Deal Toy?!”

    Did Bono get a deal toy? What about 50 Cent? Or William Shatner? Did anyone remember to put Shatner on the distribution list? We honestly don’t know, and quite frankly, it’s none of our business. But we do know that each of the deal toys shown here can claim a celebrity connection. We also know that […]

  • Blackstone Hilton Deal Toy

    Another Landmark Acquisition Recalls “The Most Profitable Deal in History”—and The Lucite That Commemorates It

    Blackstone’s $23 billion purchase of GE’s real estate assets recalled another, earlier landmark deal Blackstone began April already the largest private sector landlord in the United States. With its acquisition of GE’s real estate portfolio last week—a $23 billion deal in which the firm partnered with Wells Fargo—the firm then conclusively demonstrated, in the words […]

  • lucite tombstone rivals

    Your Bitterest Rival…Encased in a Lucite Tombstone

    Yale-Harvard, CAL-Stanford, Coke-Pepsi, Ford-GM, FEDEX-UPS—as the gallery below shows, our Lucite tombstones have long chronicled both sides in some of the fiercest rivalries. Our post on Sports Deal Toys, and the unfortunate demise of the Pete Carroll-Jim Harbaugh “What’s your deal?” rivalry, got us thinking… USC-Stanford wasn’t the only example of our having provided tombstones—directly or […]

  • Blackstone Hilton Deal Toy

    The Lucite That Marks The “Most Profitable Deal in History”

    Deal toy recognizes Blackstone’s foresight, tenacity—and ultimate success—in the purchase of Hilton Hotels Blackstone’s $26 billion buyout of Hilton Hotels in 2007, a deal just pronounced the most profitable in history by Bloomberg Businessweek, actually went south pretty early on. “As the financial crisis hit and the economy tanked”, the cover story notes, “it appeared […]

  • Twitter Adds Another Deal Toy to its Timeline

    Custom deal toy celebrates Twitter’s November, 2013 IPO Just seven years separate these two tweets. Since Jack Dorsey sent the inaugural tweet above on March 21, 2006, among other things, Twitter has, developed a global user base of over 230 million, achieved a market capitalization of approximately $35 billion, helped fuel political uprisings in several […]

  • Deutsche Annington Custom Deal Toy

    Featured Deal Toy: Germany’s Largest Residential Real Estate Company

    In her determination to accommodate her client’s design wishes, Jane Whitaker had hit a brick wall—literally. The banker had reached out to The Corporate Presence’s London office for a deal toy design for a landmark European real estate transaction. Terra Firma, a U.K.-based private equity firm, had in July, 2013 listed its portfolio company Deutsche […]

  • HK-Matahari Cube Custom Lucite

    Featured Deal Toy: Southeast Asia’s Landmark Retail Transaction

    Southeast Asia’s Landmark Retail Transaction The Hong Kong office of The Corporate Presence recently helped commemorate what has become widely viewed as a watershed transaction, for both Indonesia, as well as the entire Southeast Asia region. The offering by CVC Capital Partners of 1.17 billion existing shares in Indonesian retailer Matahari—with total proceeds equaling approximately US$1.36 billion—was noteworthy […]

  • Featured Deal Toy: The Facebook IPO

    The Facebook IPO For our inaugural installment of “Featured Deal Toy,” we have chosen a transaction that, among other things, did not actually occur this month. Or even last month, for that matter. In fact, it didn’t even take place this year. Even so, it would’ve been pretty hard for us to choose anything else. After […]