• bizarre lucite stories

    The Missing Moon Rock…and 7 Other Bizarre Lucite Stories

    We tend to think of Lucite in terms of its virtues— as that versatile, durable, malleable material we see in customized deal toys, awards, and recognition pieces; but it has another life, a secret, often edgy life unknown to all but a few… 1. In 2009, U.S. Customs officials in Brownsville, Texas seized a 12-gallon […]

  • Ben

    Deal Toys Deconstructed: See What a New Documentary Reveals

    A new documentary offers an outsider’s perspective on not only the nature of deal toys, but also their unique production process Ben Thorp Brown can hardly be accused of selecting well-worn, mainstream subjects. In a career that has already seen his works featured at MoMA, the Harvard Film Archive, and The Whitney Museum, the young […]

  • The Lucites in Your Order Will Vary

    “Help! The Lucites in My Order All Look Different”

    Lucites in your deal toy order will vary. That’s just the nature of the Lucite production process; but where and how your Lucites vary is the real issue. “I’m here in our conference room with my colleagues…” Unscheduled calls beginning with these words tend not to end well. But in my experience, the caller, usually […]

  • telefonica deutschland financial tombstone

    I Screwed Up Germany’s Largest IPO

    Mea culpa… Or, in this case, mea culpa, Terra Firma…. …and J.P. Morgan…and UBS…and most of all, to both Teléfonica Deutschland and Deutsche Annington. In a recent blog post, we—more specifically, I—mistakenly referred to the Deutsche Annington IPO as Germany’s largest in the past 5 years. The ultimate size of the offering by Terra Firma, […]

  • Lucite deal toys should remind you of draft beer

    Why Lucite Deal Toys Should Remind You of Draft Beer

    No, this isn’t headed toward one of those “Which guy would you rather be?” formulations (“the one who used The Corporate Presence, surrounded at the bar by exuberant members of his deal team, or that other guy, the one who used that ‘other’ deal toy company for his Lucite deal toys, the one now at […]