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  • Blackstone Group Deal Tombstone

    Creative Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Frequently Overlooked Sources of Inspiration (Updated)

    Coming up with creative deal toy ideas can be a chore for bankers, especially when they’re faced with the same predictable, stock suggestions. Fortunately there are a number of imaginative–though commonly overlooked— design alternatives. Coming up with memorable deal toy ideas can sometimes be a huge challenge for bankers—and a needlessly time-consuming one. Especially when, […]

  • Custom Wood & Lucite Financial Tombstone

    MORE Landmark M&A Deals—And Their Deal Toys (Updated)

    You go to sleep convinced you’ve pulled off a mega deal…only to find out the next morning that it’s been snatched away from you—in the middle of the night, a continent away. See which deal we’re talking about below in the follow-up to our post on landmark M&A deal toys. This $3.5 billion deal resulted […]

  • Warren Buffett’s Deal Toys: Just in Time for a (Virtual) BH 2020

    He’s been called “the greatest investor in history”… “The most fascinating American success story of our time”…. “The inventor and caretaker of a rare persona that has no equivalent in American business”… Who is he? No, sorry…it’s not Ashton Kutcher—not this time, or at least, not quite yet. Good guess though. 50 Cent? Nas? Jared […]

  • Closing Dinner Deal Toys: 5 Ways to Avoid Disaster

    Bankers can vastly reduce the downside of closing dinners and other deal toy deadlines by guarding against these 5 common pitfalls. What happened to one analyst’s deal toys —deal toys that were supposed to be given out at a closing dinner that very night—-was more than a little scary. Maybe an even better word, as […]

  • Sports Deal Toys: Princeton, MUFC, UFC, KKR, NFL, NHL, & More! (Updated)

    Our newest gallery of sports-themed tombstones features 2019 deals, as well as some going back as far as 2001. 2001…in other words, the year Conor McGregor (also featured here) was 12 years old. None of these pieces was included in our previous round-up of sports-themed deal toys. Take a moment to check them out.   […]

  • Real Estate Tombstones: 7 Iconic Buildings & Properties (Updated)

    Europe’s largest office building. New York City’s most expensive rental. The building nicknamed “The Bottle Opener”. The hotel created by feuding blue-blood cousins. They’re all here—and more—in our quick review of iconic buildings and properties. New York City’s most expensive non-hotel rental? It was reportedly a five-bedroom, five-bathroom spread on the 68th floor of the […]

  • “New” Dinosaur Deal Toys: Going Back To The 90’s! (Updated)

    The deal toy above dates back to May, 1998—-back to when Smith Barney and Salomon Brothers had merged to form Salomon Smith Barney…and before both would merge once again, this time into Citigroup. As with our previous galleries of Dinosaur Deal Toys and More Dinosaur Deal Toys, this collection celebrates vintage tombstones going as far […]

  • More Gambling Tombstones—New & Old

    Take Shots Embrace the Grind Be a Nice Person Keep Tilt External Be Serious About Your Legacy Dealmaking wisdom from some investment banking grandee? Actually they’re tips for beginning World Series of Poker players—offered up by 15-time champion Phil Hellmuth, aka “The Poker Brat”. Hellmuth’s victory in the WSOP 30 years ago almost single-handedly transformed […]

  • Movie-Themed Deal Toys: From Shrek to Shadowman! (Updated)

    How vital was Shrek to the financial survival of DreamWorks? “That little green ogre”, DreamsWorks co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg once said, “saved us”. Not surprisingly, Shrek also provided the inspiration for the deal toy when DreamWorks went public. Check out the DreamWorks IPO tombstone, and join us for a quick, escapist retrospective of this and other movie-inspired deal […]

  • Game-Themed Deal Toys: Legends, Settlers, Clans—and Ducks & Vols

    The recently completed 2019 NCAA college basketball tournament brought home the widely shared, abiding passion for the game—-the game being the addictive, old-school relic Settlers of Catan. Stars of two tournament teams, Payton Pritchard of Oregon and Grant Williams of Tennessee,  confessed an obsession with Settlers, with Williams even being approached courtside, prior to the […]

  • More Car-Themed Deal Toys

    The recent focus on Uber and Lyft was a reminder to us that though we’ve devoted a number of galleries to IPO deal toys over the years, we’ve neglected, at least recently, the “ride” portion of the ride-sharing equation. Provided below is a belated follow-up to our two previous posts, “Car & Motorcycle Deal Toys” […]

  • The “Tombstone Tomb”: More IB Tales from the Crypt

    The firm that helped launch the careers of Ken Moelis, Paul Singer, and Stephen Schwarzman—among many others? It no longer exists. But we see reminders of DLJ around our office every day—along with countless other firms that, regrettably, are also no longer with us. Over the years we’ve received numerous requests to share deal toys done for these […]