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  • Looking for Tech Deal Toy Ideas? Here’s a Great Place to Start

    Our site now has three separate places for you to find a wider array of tech deal toy ideas–and more quickly and easily. You’re no doubt aware of the converging trends currently heating up the tech sector—and therefore increasing the likelihood that you may be scouting around for tech-related deal toy ideas. Thomson Reuters reports that 2015 […]

  • super bowl Pete Carroll

    “What’s Your Deal?!”: A Super Bowl Week Celebration of Sports Deal Toys

    Sports deal toys have long been used to commemorate transactions in creative and memorable ways. They also suggest the many reasons for choosing custom sports awards over the same clichéd trophies. “What’s Your Deal?!” This was the 2009 post-game challenge famously and indignantly put to then Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh by then University of Southern […]

  • employee recognition awards

    7 Employee Recognition Awards That Should Make You Cringe: A Halloween Chamber Of Horrors

    What could be more frightening than handing out the same tired, interchangeable, off-the-shelf, clichéd employee recognition awards? Maybe receiving one. Related Post: Why Choosing the Same Tired, Schlocky Employee Recognition Awards Hurts Your Business Looking for creative employee recognition awards? Good luck. Because let’s face it: trying to find passable, let alone creative employee recognition ideas […]

  • Deal Toy Ideas for Spin-Off “Mania”

    Spin-off transactions make for interesting deal toy possibilities—as well as some pitfalls. “Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Barnes & Noble—the rash of spinoff announcements this year has been dizzying”. The CNBC report quoted here goes on to note that 62 spinoff transactions are expected to be completed by the end of this year—-the most since 2000—and that the […]

  • The Lucites in Your Order Will Vary

    “Help! The Lucites in My Order All Look Different”

    Lucites in your deal toy order will vary. That’s just the nature of the Lucite production process; but where and how your Lucites vary is the real issue. “I’m here in our conference room with my colleagues…” Unscheduled calls beginning with these words tend not to end well. But in my experience, the caller, usually […]

  • 1) One thing you should never bring to a closing dinner - The Corporate Presence

    The One Thing You Should Never Bring to a Closing Dinner (and What You Should Bring Instead)

    Related: Closing Dinner Deal Toys: 5 Ways to Avoid Disaster 7  Ways to Streamline the Deal Toy Process offers this bit of seemingly self-evident, but often neglected advice, and it’s more applicable here than just about anytime else: “Don’t Buy Yourself Headaches” Anytime your deal toy involves a fragile design—and this could apply to some Lucite […]

  • Deal Lucite with Embedded Padlock

    Don’t Even Think About Putting That in Lucite

    Don’t Even Think about Putting That in Lucite Not everything can be placed inside Lucite; and even some things that can, shouldn’t. By that I mean: placing certain items inside deal toys will not work simply as a result of the baking process involved in Lucite production. Some items and materials, on the other hand, […]

  • the-corporate-presence-lucite-tombstone

    7 Surefire Signs You Chose the Wrong Deal Toy Company

    You can avoid choosing the wrong deal toy company. Here are the 7 warning signs that the deal toy company you may be considering (or already using) may not be the right one. They’ve Got No Depth It’s one thing to run a lean operation; it’s another to regularly risk leaving you in the lurch […]