Cross-Border Deal Tombstones: Browse Our Latest Worldwide Gallery

The continuing surge in cross-border deals has, inevitably, led to more cross-border deal tombstones—including some new and imaginative takes on the theme.

In the four months since our previous post on cross-border deal tombstones, the trend we noted then has actually steepened. Due in large part to activity in the energy and pharmaceutical sectors, cross-border M&A is up 29% from a year ago, and is at the highest year-to-date level worldwide since 2007.

Deal tombstones are necessarily a lagging indicator, so our business, at least, will see the full effects of this trend only in the coming months. Even so, we wanted to provide those of you in M&A, as well as the sectors particularly affected by this trend, with some examples of recent cross-border deal tombstones we’ve designed and produced. We’ve also included here some older pieces that you may not have seen, and that have not previously appeared on our site.

cross border deal tombstones

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