Choose from a Complete Range of Custom Acrylic Embedment Designs

Corporate anniversaries, groundbreakings, product launches, production milestones, strategic partnerships…

These are just a few of the occasions when your company or organization has a special opportunity to celebrate its achievements—with employees, clients, investors, and prospects.

Custom Acrylic Embedments offer you a cost-effective means of not only permanently commemorating these special events, but also uniquely furthering your organization’s identity and brand.

Your custom acrylic design options can include:

  • Embedment—You can provide us with material to be embedded in acrylic, or we can design and manufacture it ourselves. Our artists and manufacturing personnel have unmatched experience and expertise in knowing what materials can successfully be embedded—as well as the best ways to showcase them.
  • Shape—We don’t define “customization” as forcing you to choose among predetermined shapes. Your acrylic design can follow a classic shape, or be it can customized in the shape of your logo, product, event subject matter or theme—-or in an infinite number of other ways.
  • Size—Your acrylic design can be modified tailored to your size specifications; you’re not limited to some limited preset menu of predetermined shapes and sizes.
  • Colors—Choose from stock colors, or have colors mixed to match your logo.

We’ll guide you through the entire custom acrylic embedment process.

Our operations are entirely in-house—from the detailed rendering of design ideas we provide you, to the final factory stage of production, packing and shipping of your acrylic order. We can provide unrivaled experience and expertise at every stage of the processes.

Provided below is a small sampling, by industry, of some of the customization alternatives available:

Energy and Resources

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Manufacturing and Construction

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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

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Technology and Telecom

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Miscellaneous Embedments

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