Lucite and Deal Toy Costs Demystified

Whether you’ve ordered Lucite deal toys or awards many times before, or are entirely new to the process, you’ll probably want some guidance on expected costs.

We’ve listed below some variables affecting deal toy costs. As you look through them, keep in mind these are precisely the factors we’re expert at navigating: our 30 years of design experience—and the fact that we fully own our production facility—uniquely qualify us to provide you with the most affordable, cost-efficient, and effective design possible for your budget.

Factors Affecting Your Deal Toy Costs

  • deal toy materials cost


    Our designs usually involve Lucite, but we also use other media. These include resin, crystal, wood,and pewter. Which material will prove most cost-efficient for you will depend on the specific circumstances.

  • deal toy pricing


    Regardless of the material involved, the larger a piece is, the more expensive it almost invariably will be.

  • deal toy costs


    Generally speaking greater complexity—more design elements—translates into higher deal toy costs. Once again, experience is key: standard or “basic” Lucite shapes can be as creatively designed as many more complex, elaborate ones.

  • deal toy quantity costs


    Larger quantities can reduce the price per-piece in most instances. The first price break tends to be at a quantity of 25 units.

  • financial tombstone pricing


    Set-up costs for deal toys will vary, depending on both the material involved, and the specific design. An accurate, honest calculation of costs must take set-up costs into account. Here again, we can guide you to the designs and materials most appropriate for your budget.

  • financial tombstone costs


    Do you have a closing dinner, awards event or some other deadline? Timing can dictate some design and material choices right off the bat. Depending on the exact circumstances, a rush fee may apply to some orders; also, tight scheduling will ordinarily lead to increased shipping costs.

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