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More Dinosaur Deal Toys–See Tombstones From The 1990’s!

The 1990’s…Ah, that was a time.

Marauding gangs of ice cream thieves… interminable waits for dial-up access…desktop monitors the size of wood-burning stoves.

Actually, the ice cream thing took place in 2015, as you’ll see below, but otherwise that pretty much sums it up. And if you weren’t there to experience it first-hand, don’t despair: the response to our previous gallery of Dinosaur Deal Toys was so positive that we decided to put together another installment—just as soon as we could brush aside those nostalgic tears and put down our baguette-sized cell phones.

Join us again as we revisit this magical decade.

Please note that, as always, these images are clickable.

  • In October, 2015 a team of thieves crammed 126 pints of Häagen-Dazs into backpacks and fled a Manhattan store. The incident has been described as “one of the more confusing criminal acts of our time”.

  • Umlauts and label maps aside, Häagen-Dazs isn’t Danish…. or German.Its roots are in fact in New York City—specifically, the Bronx.

  • Apple and Adobe were just two of the many landmark IPO’s underwritten by Hambrecht & Quist, aka “H&Q”.

  • The country with the highest coffee consumption per capita? Finland.

  • Did you get your free coffee on February 15th? Thank seedy attorney Jimmy McGill, whose off-hand reference to Cinnabon in “Better Call Saul” Season One sparked the social media campaign and giveaway tied to the premiere of Season Two.

  • Tech IPO’s guided by Robertson Stephens included, among many others, MapQuest and E-Trade. The firm was closed down by its parent, FleetBoston, in 2002.

  • Founded in 1969, CompuServe evolved into the premier U.S. online service provider, before being eclipsed in the 90’s—by AOL.

  • The world’s largest crayon–created out of leftover nubs called “Leftolas”—measures 15 feet long and weighs 1,500 pounds. It’s on display at the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pennsylvania.

  • Bankers Trust acquired boutique firm Wolfensohn & Company in 1996—which then operated as BT Wolfensohn. Founder James D. Wolfensohn had left the previous year to head the World Bank.

  • Tuxedo rentals typically cost grooms around $200, though higher-end labels can run between $400-$500.

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