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European Deal Toys: Danish Football, Italian Tires & Much More!

Seen any good deal toys lately?

As we noted in our last round-up of European deal toys, most bankers see surprisingly few—and even fewer outside their firm, office, and even their group.

We’ve put together here another gallery highlighting some of the many tombstones designed recently by our London office for banks and firms across the region.

Please note that, as always, these images are clickable.


  • Competition in the Danish Superliga can be brutal: two of the twelve clubs are relegated each season.

  • One recent rumor had Chelsea (and former England) captain John Terry leaving the EPL for the Danish league.

  • The IPO of fintech firm Worldpay was the UK’s largest in 2015.

  • A full suit of medieval armor generally weighed between 15-25 kg (33-55 pounds).

  • Practical applications for the gas springs and hydraulic dampers Stabilus makes? Regulating the speed a car hood opens or the height of a swivel chair.

  • At this month’s Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled the GTC4Lusso—complete with a 12-cylinder engine capable of a top speed of 208 mph. Expected price? About £226k.

  • Selecta is a vending and coffee services company; KMV is the largest producer of mineral and spring waters in Central Europe.

  • Vossloh’s rail technology products are in use in over 100 countries.

  • The Republic of Kazakhstan was recognized as an independent state in December, 1991,

  • Pirelli has been supplying tires to competitive riders since 1897.

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