Giant Tombstones For Giant Deals (Including The Deal Toy Most Likely To Be Stolen)

The deal toy most likely to be stolen? No, it isn’t the one shown above.

It isn’t even the one we designed to recognize the IPO of Facebook…or Twitter…or Google.

But it is here—and rightfully so. The size of a deal toy isn’t always a function of the value of the underlying deal–but there is a fairly well-established correlation; and a mammoth deal tombstone will usually signify an unusually large transaction.

Each of the pieces in the gallery below is a case in point….including the piece that, if not most likely to be stolen, is, in our experience, certainly the most likely to fall prey to the slightly less larcenous Can-I-borrow-that-for-a-second-just-to-show-someone routine.

See if you can guess.

[Please note, as always, that the images below are clickable].


  • This 2009 deal toy stands almost a foot tall and comes in at 8 lbs.—or roughly the weight of a gallon of water. The transaction value was 1.15 billion.

  • Another 8-pounder. In terms of deal value, that works out to about $160 million per pound.

  • Benjamin Moore offers a selection of over 3,400 paint colors, including CW-535, aka Buffett Green.

  • Buffett’s 2012 firing of Benjamin Moore’s CEO didn’t sour him on the paint business. He bought Axalta in 2015.

  • HCA is the world’s largest investor-owned hospital company.

  • The design of this 2008 12″-high deal toy is a nod to the respiratory and infusion therapy sites Apria operates.

  • The 12″ height and 10 1/2″ width of this piece befits the size of the two transactions it recognizes: $61 billion for the bridge facility, and $49 billion for the debt offering.

  • Touch-Tone technology, which eventually supplanted rotary dialing, was first introduced to the public at the 1962 World’s Fair.

  • A $4.5 billion 2007 deal. Armor Holdings manufactured military vehicles and vehicle armor systems.

  • What is it about this piece—the brand aura? The 12″ height? The $28 billion deal size? The Buffett cachet? Whatever it is, if you’re lucky enough to have received it, you’d better keep an eye on it.






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