Great Sports-Themed Deal Toys: From Fenway to UFC to Curling


So what’s with the title of this post? Why would we possibly use a feeble-sounding, mealy-mouthed term like “sports-themed” to describe this gallery?

The answer is pretty simple: we’ve found over the years that some of the most effective designs in this category commemorate deals that, it turns out, had absolutely no connection with sports.

As you’ll see, the tombstones shown here spring from both sports and non-sports transactions.

  • The 37-foot high “Green Monster” in Boston’s Fenway Park was originally blue. It wasn’t painted green until 1947.

  • A rare example of a curling-inspired deal toy.

  • At the time of this 2000 refinancing, the Suns were owned by Jerry Colangelo, who would later have a controlling interest in MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks.

  • The cross-border nature of this transaction is cleverly conveyed with figures from the Finnish and Swedish national hockey teams. What did the deal involve? The specialty paper business.

  • This 1999 piece commemorates Sumitomo’s loan of $150,000,000 to finance a new stadium for the Denver Broncos—ultimately named Invesco Field at Mile High.

  • A great commemorative with tragic timing: the 9/11 attacks took place just hours after that same stadium’s inaugural Broncos-Giants night game.

  • During 2016, the Globetrotters have observed their 90th year with an anniversary tour—playing 320 games in North America alone.

  • Santander’s  F1 sponsorship of  Ferrari runs through 2017.

  • Despite the racing theme, Bisys’s actual business was providing outsourced processing systems to financial institutions.

  • The iconic Wrigley Field sign at Addison and Clark streets in Chicago was installed in 1934.

  • Here again, the national flags incorporated into the rink motif are merely symbolic of the U.S-Canadian partnership involved in the deal—which centered on an upscale shopping outlet located near Toronto.

  • This deal toy commemorates a 2007 financing. The “Is UFC a sport?” debate has raged since its inception in the 90’s.