Law Firm Marketing Ideas: Custom Lucite Commemoratives

Looking for fresh law firm marketing ideas? For years you and other attorneys have probably either seen or been on the receiving end of Lucite “deal toys” from investment banks and other financial institutions.

Like many attorneys, you have probably come not only to value these mementos of your contribution to successful transactions, but to experience first-hand their effectiveness… and possibly to recognize their extraordinary potential for your law firm marketing as well.

In fact, many leading firms are already incorporating custom Lucites into their law firm marketing strategy.

You no doubt recognize the crucial importance of client satisfaction to your law firm marketing success… and to its continued success through client retention and referrals. Custom Lucites provide an essential tool for your law firm marketing efforts: a tangible—and enduring—symbol of your work on your client’s behalf.

Custom Lucites are being used to commemorate a variety of successes, including:

    • Claim Dismissals
    • Judgment Recoveries
    • Successful Transactions
    • Litigation Decisions
    • Pro Bono Work
    • Bankruptcy Transactions
    • Large Class Action Settlements
    • M&A Transactions

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