• We own our Lucite factory… so you benefit from:

    • Superior control of the entire design and production process of your Lucite tombstones.
    • Greater responsiveness to rush orders and other special situations.
    • Fastest turnaround on orders of Lucite tombstones in the industry.
    • The direct, unfiltered insight and experience of expert factory personnel.
    • Greater design and production expertise of Lucite tombstones.
    • Lower pricing due to stricter margin control.

    We are the largest Lucite tombstone company… so you benefit from:

    We have over 30 years experience in the industry… so you benefit from:

    • A higher probability we already thoroughly know your bank’s typesetting formats.
    • A higher probability we’re already versed on your bank’s procedures.
    • A higher probability we already have your client’s logo and other materials.
    • A higher probability we’ve already designed deal Lucite tombstones for your client (and won’t risk duplication of concepts).
  • Lucite tombstone commemorating
    one of 2013’s landmark transactions:
    the $27 billion purchase of Heinz
    by 3G Capital and Berkshire Hathaway.
    Click to alternate between schematic and 3D views.

    1. Before
    2. After