You can select among a variety of materials for your deal toy or custom award. These include Lucite, wood, resin, pewter, and crystal.

In fact, you may even choose a customized design which actually combines some of these materials.

But for most projects, though, many of our clients are at least initially interested in one of two media: either Lucite or crystal.

What’s the difference between the Lucite and crystal, and how do you know which one might be right for your project?

Lucite and Crystal: Some Features & Advantages

So how do you choose between Lucite and crystal?

Rest assured you won’t have to make that decision alone.

We can provide designs—and suggest materials– that are best suited to your particular deal toy or award project.

Even so, you may want to become familiar with some characteristics of each material in order to make a more informed decision:

Selecting Lucite for Your Deal Toy or Custom Award

    • Versatility: Lucite can be molded and machined into a wide range of custom shapes—important if your design, for instance, replicates a logo or product shape.
    • Brand integrity: Lucite can capture logo colors precisely (crystal, on the other hand, can’t be tinted to match PMS colors).
    • Embedment: Artwork, as well as a range of objects, can be placed inside Lucite. This might enable, for example, a custom piece featuring a client’s actual product.
    • Manufacturing: Lucite pieces are produced in our own cast acrylic factory located in Canada. This could be a factor if timing is a consideration.
    • Shipping: Lucite pieces are generally not as heavy as crystal, thereby lowering shipping costs.
  • Product replica design highlighting Lucite’s molding and shaping capabilities.

Selecting Crystal for Your Deal Toy or Custom Award

    • Embedment effect: Objects can’t be placed inside crystal but artwork can be replicated through a “3-D etching” effect (see photo on right).
    • Artwork & Text Placement: Text and artwork are generally printed or (more commonly) etched on the crystal’s surface, not placed inside the crystal.
    • Brand integrity: Exact color replication is generally limited.
    • Shipping: Crystal ships in high-quality protective gift boxes.
    • Heft: Crystal tends to be heavier than Lucite. This can contribute to crystal having a substantial feel—heft–but it can also result in higher shipping charges.
    • Manufacturing: Most of our crystal designs are manufactured and shipped from one of several factories in Southeast Asia with which we have long-term, established relationships.
  • An example of 3-D etching effect in crystal.

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