• deal lucite faq-1Do I have to come up with my own deal Lucite ideas?

  • Absolutely not—though any kind of initial ideas or input from you or your deal team is always welcome (even if it’s in the form of what you may not want). Your account executive will be able to guide you to an appropriate design based on a number of factors, including your budget and timetable.

    the-corporate-presence-blog-postFor some quick ideas, see Creative Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Frequently Overlooked Sources of Inspiration.

  • deal lucite faq-2What exactly is Lucite, and how and why is it used for so many financial tombstones?

  • You probably aren’t looking for a dissertation on the chemical properties of Lucite, but it’s important to recognize that Lucite is not the same as crystal or glass. It’s a high-strength acrylic. The advantages Lucite brings to custom deal Lucites include versatility (it can be molded in a number of shapes, and easily customized to different sizes and therefore budgets), it allows for accurate color reproduction (crucial for your client’s logo, as well as your own), and it’s durable (it holds up well to repeated handling and wear, and is virtually unbreakable).

    the-corporate-presence-blog-postFor a little background on deal Lucites, see Why Lucite Tombstones Should Remind You of Draft Beer.

  • deal lucite faq-3How long does the deal Lucite process take?

  • New To Deal Lucites Gildan Resin and Lucite Deal ToyFor most deal Lucites you’ll ideally need to allot 4-5 weeks. (You may, of course, not have that kind of time—in which case you should see “Rush Lucite Orders: 7 Simple Ways to Streamline the Deal Toy Process”).

    On completion of your design artwork, most Lucite orders will require approximately 5 business days for production, with additional time necessary for shipping. Orders involving other materials, such as resin and crystal, will generally require longer production times. (Click here for some extra tips on dealing with closing dinners and deadlines).

    Keep in mind, though, that certain materials may require more time than Lucite—such as resin, stone composite, or crystal.

    the-corporate-presence-blog-postFor some brief tips on the process, see 7 Simple Ways to Streamline the Deal Toy Process.

  • deal lucite faq-4How do I know if Lucite is the right choice for my tombstones, or some other material like crystal, wood, resin, etc.?

  • Again, this will depend on your exact circumstances: your initial design preferences (if any) and, most of all, your deadline and budget.

    Full disclosure: The Corporate Presence owns its own Lucite factory. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not in our interest, either short or especially long-term, to push any material that’s ultimately not going to work for you and your deal team—either practically or aesthetically. We’ll look at all available materials to see what, in your case, really “works”.


  • deal lucite faq-5I’ve looked through the deal Lucite designs on the site and don’t see what I had in mind. Does that mean I’m out of luck?

  • Not at all.

    Keep in mind that most of our deal Lucites—and most of our deal Lucites, for that matter—are customized. We do not simply present you with a menu of stock designs from which you are then required to make a hard-and-fast selection.

    Because of this level and degree of customization, it’s obviously impossible to show you every conceivable permutation of every design (and even the most basic shape will lend itself to a number of options and enhancements). The designs we show here are simply intended to be illustrative: you may, for instance, see something you like right off the bat, or see elements of one piece that you want to combine with one or more elements of another.

  • deal lucite faq-6What can I expect to pay for my deal Lucites?

  • Buhrman Spinning Elements Technique Resin Deal Toy The Corporate PresenceThe only truthful answer here is: it depends. Price will often be a function of the size and complexity of a design—whatever material in involved; but there are other factors that will ultimately affect price . (Click here for some quick dealtoy money-saving tips).

    One of the first questions we’ll ask you will concern your budget. We don’t want to waste your time with designs that won’t be appropriate (and this is an area where our 30 years of experience, manufacturing leverage, and design insight are invaluable in providing you with price efficiencies). We are expert in designing memorable pieces for a range of budgets.


  • deal lucite faq-7What do you need from me to get the deal Lucite process started?

  • There are a couple of initial questions you should expect:

    1. Do you have a closing dinner or other deadline? (Your timeline will have an immediate bearing on the designs we suggest.)

    2. Do you have a specific budget? (Again, we don’t want to waste your time with unrealistic designs; to the extent you have a budget, it’s extremely helpful to know this from the outset).

    3. How many deal Lucites do you expect to need? (You don’t have to be exact here; even an approximate number will help us to steer you toward appropriate designs, provide more accurate pricing information, and think through any potential logistical issues.)

    4. What can you tell us about your deal and/or client? (We’ll obviously need the text of the transaction including, if possible, any relevant logos in vector format; though there’s a good chance we might already have the logos from previous deals.)

    the-corporate-presence-blog-postFor a quick explanation of what vector art is, and why it’s important, check back soon.

  • deal lucite faq-8Do you provide rush service for deal Lucites?

  • Yes. Owning our own Lucite factory gives us an enormous advantage in handling rush situations. Your account executive can efficiently provide you with options—whether Lucite or another material—for meeting your deadline.

    the-corporate-presence-blog-postFor more information on rush deal Lucites, check out Ordering Rush Deal Toys: 5 Very Quick Survival Tips

  • deal lucite faq-9Can just about anything be put inside Lucite?

  • Centerplate Custom Deal Lucite The Corporate PresenceNot everything—though over the years we’ve successfully embedded in Lucite items ranging from tortilla chips to cigars. Still, you should know that the Lucite production process involves a sustained baking process at extremely high temperatures. As you might expect, there are certain materials that will not hold up to this type of intense heat. Most plastic, for instance, will incinerate, as will rubber (so, no, unfortunately we can’t embed that toy car you had in mind).

    Your account executive can address whether certain materials will be safe to embed, and how they might be tested.

    the-corporate-presence-blog-postFor more detailed information, see Don’t Even THINK of Putting That in Lucite.

  • deal lucite faq-10What other deal gifts and services do you provide?

  • We provide a full selection of corporate gifts, ranging from umbrellas and t-shirts to frames, clocks and crystal. We can also provide custom awards and gifts for outings, conferences, and other special events.

  • deal lucite faq-11Any tips on dealing with a closing dinner?

  • Whatsapp Deal Toy, San FranciscoThere are a couple of potential pitfalls anytime a closing dinner or other deadline is involved—and we’ll help arm you for them all. The two most important things are the time and location of your closing event. We can then make sure all the logistical factors are taken into account.

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  • deal lucite faq-12What If I undershoot the number of deal Lucites for the order, and end up needing more?

  • Texas Teacher Retirement System Deal Lucite The Corporate PresenceWe retain artwork for 6 months following the completion of a project. Assuming you order additional pieces within that 6-month window, you will not incur again any set-up costs. You will only pay for incremental per-piece price, plus shipping.