Commemorate Milestones and Recognize Achievement…Affordably and Effectively

Employee engagement and retention is a persistent, ongoing challenge in the pharmaceutical industry.

You’ve no doubt seen the numbers.

You might, for instance, have seen a 2014 study conducted by Randstad Pharma. Among its findings:

  • Pharma industry executives identified recruiting and retaining top talent as the #1 issues affecting their companies
  • Among pharmaceutical industry hiring managers, those in pharma are the most likely to report an increase in turnover in their organizations —a full 63%
  • 39% of pharma respondents reported that employees leave because they do not feel supported by management

The Custom Recognition Solution for Pharma

Effective employee recognition in the pharmaceutical industry has never been more critical. Many firms in pharma and biotech are already successfully using custom Lucite designs to commemorate and recognize employee achievement, including those related to:

  • FDA approvals and allowances
  • Preclinical programs and trials
  • Pharmaceutical product launches
  • Drug development and research partnerships
  • Joint ventures and collaborative agreements
  • FDA approval and allowance anniversaries
  • Strategic investments

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