• You know the feeling…

    That awful, staring-into-the-abyss sensation of having an imminent closing dinner or deadline looming…. and of dealing with all the pressures of a rush deal toy, and the expectations of your client, and your deal team.

    So we won’t waste any more of whatever small amount of time you have available detailing it.

    You need expert guidance—immediately.

    Here’s why we’re uniquely suited to help you.

    Didn’t think it would happen – the deadline was too tight – really appreciate the effort to get ‘er done!

    C.L.Marketing Director, Law Firm

    We Know the Drill:

    Your rush order will get priority treatment right from the start: designs in a matter of hours—not days; and we know the designs that will work best—for both your deadline and for your deal

    We Own The Factory:

    Your order also needs production priority; and that’s something that you won’t have to leave to chance. Because we are the only truly vertically integrated company in the industry, we can control and prioritize your order from design conception to factory production.

    We Know The Process and Materials:

    We have the experience, and design and production insight to assure you the best designed, best produced rush deal toy in the industry.

    So responsive! Really appreciate the effort to turn this around so fast!

    D.S.General Partner, Investor Group

  • Another rush job – you guys are the fastest! Thank you for such fast turnaround. Great service!!

    D.R.Managing Director, Investment Bank

    rush-deal-toys rush-financial-tombstones

    So fast! The Lucites were perfect, arrived on time and you made it very easy to manage the process. Awesome!

    A.R.Director, Marketing Firm

    rush-lucites rush-lucite-tombstones

    You guys are miracle workers!!!

    R.N.Marketing Director, Investment Bank